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1/10/2020 - Marsh Announces 100 Day Plan - Click here to print this information

Greensburg, IN - Today, Mayor Joshua Marsh announced his administration's 100 day plan for the City of Greensburg. A 100 day plan is a set of strategic goals used by newly elected officials and their leadership within the first 100 days of the administration to measure successes.

"Over the last year, I spent a considerable amount of time in the community having conversations about what our future looks like," said Mayor Joshua Marsh. "As our team started building the 100 day plan, we considered the conversations I had with residents about the issues that are important to them, and built in the goals of our department heads. I am looking forward to working with our administration leadership to implement and meet these goals over the next 100 days."

The 100 day plan consists of four focus areas: public safety, infrastructure, community investments and communications.
Some action items listed within these focus areas include expanding public safety Night Out events, applying for more than $200,000 in Community Crossing Grant funding from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), promoting growth and development along Memorial and Veterans Way and improving outgoing city communications with media and residents.

Additional items listed in the plan include restructuring the Mayor's Youth Council with Greensburg Schools and encouraging the continuing education of city employees.

100 Day Plan

Mayor Joshua Marsh

Public Safety

-Developed and announce expanded Public Safety Nights Out
-Increase Greensburg Police and Fire Departments presence and engagement in our schools
-Begin the process of a public safety staffing study to identify current capacity and to prepare for future needs.
-Visit with each of the recovery community groups


-Apply for $200,000+ in Community Crossing Grant money from INDOT for city streets
-Present to INDOT a needed project to rebuild North Michigan Avenue from Ireland Street to the bypass (value: $18 million)
-Begin process of improving the city's GIS mapping system for better monitoring of system repairs, citizen request and accessing asset management
-Review and Update the Pavement Asset Management Plan
-Prepare application for the third round of Next Level Trail grant funding for multi-use path along Freeland Road
-Prepare plan for Park Road multi-use path connecting downtown to the City Park

Community Investments

-Continue planning and construction of Pirate Park
-Encourage investment in Greensburg by streamlining city processes
-Partner with Greensburg's Rotary Club to improve the Northeast corner of Main and Lincoln
-Promote growth and development on Memorial and Veterans Way
-Investigate a sidewalk, curb and alley replacement partnership


-Begin regular monthly radio show with local stations
-Improve outgoing city communications to local media
-Improve the communication systems for the public to communicate with city departments
-Rebrand official city documents across departments
-Hire Communications Director
-Establish official city social media platforms


-Formal review of employee handbook
-Partner with Greensburg Schools to restructure the Mayor's Youth Council
-Encouraging continuing education for city employees
-Encourage department heads to share best practices with at least three other regional counterparts
-Increase frequency of department head meetings

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