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11/6/2019 - New Mayor Elect in the City of Greensburg - Click here to print this information

2529 votes were cast in the election for the Mayor of Greensburg. 1643 of those votes went to Joshua Marsh - 886 votes went current Mayor Dan Manus. Marsh won all but one of the Greensburg precincts. Manus took precinct in which there were less than 100 votes cast. Manus received 48 to Marshs' 41 votes in that precinct.

While the room was filled at the Decatur County Courthouse as the results came in - it was mainly filled with half wearing Marsh supporter shirts and the other half wearing Brenda Dwenger for Clerk-Treasurer supporter shirts.

Mayor Manus talking with Marsh after the vote.

Marsh talking with WTRE's Emily Verseman.

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