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10/8/2019 - Greensburg Board of Works Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Board of Works met Monday evening. Tara Hagan from ARa submitted pay application number 6 for the Main Street Improvement Project for $122,492.12 with $98,742.40 paid from grant funds. The city will pay the remaining $23,749.72 through EDIT funds for "green" items that cannot be paid for through grant funds. The board also approved Change Order 2 for an increase of $4,200.00 that will be paid through grant funds. The board approved an extension of the contract until November 15th to ensure the signage is installed, although completion is expected to take place well before the new date. The only remaining payment should be retainage which will be paid through the grant. Retainage is a portion of the agreed upon contract price deliberately withheld until the work is substantially complete to assure that contractor or subcontractor will satisfy its obligations and complete a construction project.

Board member Darrell Poling stated that he has received several calls regarding the benches facing away from the street. He asked that Ms. Hagan explain the purpose so the information can be provided to the public. He was informed that ADA compliance and safety were the factors in the placement of the benches. The current placement of the benches allows for more walking space as well as ease of movement for wheelchairs and other assisted mobility devices. By facing the benches away from the street, safety improves with the increased height of the sidewalk and the wrought iron fencing having to be breached before reaching the benches.

City Engineer Ron May opened a bid for Community Crossings Matching Grant 3. The project was the only one of four that did not receive any bids last month. The grant is designed to use a micro-surface process. Micro-surfacing is a protective seal coat which extends the life of pavement. It is a thin, tough layer of asphalt emulsion blended with finely crushed stone for traction. This is a cost-effective method to renew the road surface and seal minor cracks and other irregularities. Pavement Solutions, Inc. submitted a bid for $93,318.80. The board took the bid under advisement pending state approval of the grant.

Fire Chief Steve Garrett and Assistant Chief Brian Wenning requested $6,405.00 to renew the department's contract with Lexipol for Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Operating Guides. The board approved the request. Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent Jeff Smith submitted a contract request with Strand and Associates for $35,000 for engineering services for the wing wall at the sewer plant. The board approved the request.

The board will hold its next meeting on November 4th at 5:00 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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