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9/18/2019 - Greensburg Plan Commission Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Plan Commission met Tuesday evening. Building Commissioner Kathy Reynolds presented a request for replat of the property at 2310 N. State Road 3 that is the former Waffle House site. The property would be split into 3 parcels. Two of the parcels would be developed by ONRA, LLC. The third parcel would be provided to the city for an additional 45 feet of right of way. The site plan includes a restaurant type business on each parcel developed by ONRA, LLC. The attorney for ONRA, LLC confirmed that one of the parcels would be a Starbucks but was not ready to reveal the proposed other businesses publicly at this time. The commission approved the site plan contingent on final approval of the storm water control plan by the city engineer.

The commission members also considered an application filed by the City of Greensburg Municipal Water Company to request rezoning. The request is to rezone property from I-1, Light Industrial to R-2, One- and Two-Family Dwellings with a waiver to allow the water plant as a permitted exception. The commission recommended approval of the request. The request requires approval by the Greensburg City Council.

Mrs. Reynolds then discussed possible zoning ordinance changes for sign and residential zoning. Commission President Kevin Fleetwood recommended a subcommittee to develop and make recommendations to the Plan Commission by the next meeting.

The Plan Commission will hold its next meeting on October 15th at 7:15 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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