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6/19/2019 - Greensburg Water Board Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Water Board met Tuesday evening. Darren Burkhart from HNTB provided the board with two documents for signature. The first document was the agreement of the construction contract between the city and FA Wilhelm Construction Company, Inc. for the water treatment plant project. The second document was the notice to proceed effective June 28th, 2019. The board approved and signed both documents. Mr. Burkhart noted that the city closed on its State Revolving Fund loan of $19,987,000 on June 11th.

Mr. Burkhart noted that the substantial completion date for the water plant is 700 days, substantial completion of additional work is 910 days, with final completion at 940 days. Based on the June 28th start, substantial completion of the water plant would be required by May 28th, 2021 with substantial completion of additional work required by December 24th, 2021 and final completion by January 24th, 2022. The contract does include liquidated damages, which are charges the city would recoup if the contractor does not meet completion timelines. The liquidated damages are $700 per day for each substantial completion date and $500 per day for the final completion date.

Water Treatment Plant Superintendent Rick Denney opened the chemical bid packets with 2 companies placing bids. Mr. Denney read off the amounts each company bid, by chemical, and will provide the board with a spreadsheet at the next meeting. The board is expected to make final decisions at that point.

Billing Office Manager-Controller Donna Lecher stated that Nexbillpay will be the new credit card system used for payments. Customers will be able to make automatic payments, pay online, and pay by phone. Customers can also choose paperless billing and have the capability to view their accounts online. A notice will be sent out to all customers prior to the new system going into effect.

The board will hold its next meeting on July 16th at 6:00 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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