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4/2/2019 - Greensburg City Council Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg City Council met Monday evening. Andre Riley from Baker Tilly reviewed Ordinance 2019-10, the Bond Ordinance for the new Water Plant project and the Tax Increment Revenue Deposit Agreement. The council approved Ordinance 2019-10 with amendments as well as the Tax Increment Revenue Deposit Agreement. Mr. Riley then provided a briefing on the rate analysis for the Water Plant project and Ordinance 2019-11 for water rates. Mr. Riley noted that his briefing provided a worst case scenario with and without TIF funds. He noted that the final rate analysis and increase will be based on the bids received during a Special Water Board meeting on April 6th at 6:00 pm when bids for the project are opened. The council approved the 1st reading of Ordinance 2019-11 and set a Special Council Meeting at 7:00 pm on April 22nd for a Public Hearing and adoption of the new Water Rate Ordinance.

Police Chief Brendan Bridges presented Ordinance 2019-8 for the 1st reading to establish a local equitable sharing fund. He noted that the Garrison Law Firm from Indianapolis will handle all seizure and forfeiture cases for the city. Funds received will be distributed to the Police Department, Prosecutor's Office, and Greensburg Community Schools. The council approved the 1st reading of the Ordinance.

Chief Bridges updated the board on several programs that will be taking place.
On Saturday, May 11th, a bike rodeo will take place in the City Hall parking lot. The department received grants that will allow distribution of free bike helmets. Chief Bridges noted that there were 5 bikes struck by vehicles last year with 1 fatality. During the 2019-2020 school year, the police department will work with the elementary school administrators, counselors, and teachers with the Second Step program for grades K-5. The program will include every class in the school. The program includes training on recognizing and reporting bullying and social and emotional issues taught by counselors, with officers teaching child safety and body safety. Chief Bridges reported that the department is working to host a Youth Camp this summer to familiarize children with each public safety organization. The camp may include reserving the bowling alley and swimming pool one day during the camp. During late fall, the department will host a Citizens Academy focused on defensive tactics with special emphasis on high school senior females prior to moving on to college. The department is also putting together a firearms safety program. Chief Bridges noted that the department will be hosting National Night Out on August 6th during the 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm timeframe. This year's event will take place at North Park. The purpose of National Night Out is to concentrate law enforcement and community support in an area with an above average crime level. The event is designed to make the presence of law enforcement and the community known in the area. The event will include a cookout.

Chief Bridges then introduced K-9 Echo and her handler, Greensburg Police Department Sergeant Chris Bridges. It was noted that K-9 Echo has already been deployed over 15 times.

Fire Chief Steve Garrett requested $33,039 from the Public Safety Fund to purchase a new pickup truck for the department. The purchase of a Ford pickup for $33,039 was approved by the council. Chief Garrett noted that the weather siren in the Freeland Road area is not working. He expects to bring quotes for repair to the council during the May meeting. He noted that a fire truck will be deployed to that area and use its siren to notify citizens of severe weather.

City Engineer Ron May provided an update on the Lincoln Street project. He noted that the asphalt plants opened on April 1st and it takes about a week for the plants to get to a temperature to produce material. He noted, pending any weather issues, that paving operations will begin around April 8th. There is milling work on the last block of the project that will take place on Thursday. He expects, dependent on weather conditions, for the project to be completed by mid to late April. He also provided updates on INDOT projects for the county, including the replacement of a bridge north of I-74 and road work from the SR 3/US 46 junction to I-74. The SR 3/US 46 project will include work on intersections of several city streets.

Building Commissioner Kathy Reynolds and Police Chief Brendan Bridges discussed the significant number of abandoned, inoperable, and unlicensed vehicles in the city. Chief Bridges noted that vehicles on the streets are generally towed after 72 hours. They both felt that the current city ordinance needs to be revised and provided the council with the ordinance from the city of Franklin. A revised ordinance will be provided for the council's consideration during the May meeting.

Mayor Dan Manus provided updates on the city/county parks department projects. He noted that construction of the splash pad will begin in April and thanked Delta Faucet for their financial support for the project. He noted that approval has been received to begin repairs to the drainage system for Pirate Park. He also stated that work on the amphitheater, with support from Duke Energy, will be starting with a possible opening around July 4th. He also announced that work on the south side of the square will begin next week. Mayor Manus announced a special water board meeting on April 9th to open bids for the Water Plant project. He also announced that City Hall will be closed on Good Friday, April 19th.

The council will hold its next meeting on May 6th at 7:00 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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