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1/8/2019 - Greensburg City Council Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg City Council met Monday evening. Prior to the start of the meeting, a Public Hearing was conducted to give the public the opportunity to comment on the Decatur County Memorial Hospital Annexation Ordinance. The ordinance would annex three parcels owned by the Hospital into the city. The ordinance would also change the zoning classification to B-2 to match other hospital property. With no comments from the public, the hearing was closed and the council began its regular meeting.

Bryan Robbins, Executive Director of the Economic Development Corporation, addressed the board prior to a vote on the 2nd and final reading of Ordinance 2018-14 to establish Greensburg as a Broadband Ready Community as described in the Indiana Economic Development Corporation website. A community recognized as a Broadband Ready Community has taken steps to reduce barriers to broadband infrastructure investment. The ordinance would establish a single point of contact for projects, which are defined as the construction or deployment of wireline or wireless communication facilities to provide communication services. The council approved the Ordinance on the 2nd reading.

The board then approved the following ordinances on the 2nd reading: Ordinance 2018-16, the Standard Personnel Policy Handbook; Ordinance 2018-17, Fire Personnel Policy Handbook; Ordinance 2018-18, Police Personnel Policy Handbook; and Ordinance 2018-15, Job Descriptions. Council President Jamie Cain reported that a replacement is needed for the Board of Zoning Appeals. He recommended that, since no BZA meeting is scheduled for January, the action be tabled until the February council meeting. The council then conducted the 1st reading of Ordinance 2019-2, Decatur County Memorial Hospital Annexation.

John Julien from Umbaugh and Associates discussed the funding plan for the airport expansion project that will be presented in a separate report.

Bryan Robbins then presented Resolution 2019-1 for a four year tax abatement for Lake Point Apartments based on a $4 million expansion project that will result in 56 new apartments. There will be 8 apartments per unit and will also provide green space for a park. The resolution was passed pending approval of Ordinance 2019-2 Economic Development Target Area for Tax Abatements which was immediately approved.

Police Chief Brendan Bridges then presented the first reading of Ordinance 2019-1, Purchase of Equipment for Officers and Vehicles. Chief Bridges asked for $35,000 from the Public Safety Fund to purchase equipment for two officers and two vehicles. Chief Bridges then presented the first reading of Ordinance 2019-3, New fund for the Autism Program for the Greensburg Police Department. He stated that the fund will be paid for through donations and grants.

Clerk-Treasurer Ashlee Green and representatives from First Financial updated the council on the approval of the new credit card program approved by the Board of Works. Mayor Dan Manus then conducted the election of the 2019 Council President with Jamie Cain being reelected. Mayor Manus also appointed Annie Nunley to the Historic Preservation Board.

The council will hold its next meeting on February 4th at 7:00 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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