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12/18/2018 - Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners met Monday evening. Vice President Jon Dooley provided the financial report with $46,856.17 in the airport improvements account, $35,415.61 in the aviation and rotary fuel account, and $95,623.74 in the airport operations account for a total of $177,895.52. Mr. Dooley also reported that the semiannual payment was made to Jackson County Bank with a remaining balance of just over $269,000. Airport manager Jerry Scheidler reported that Hangar D2 remains unoccupied.

Paul Shaffer of BF&S reported that he is working on the legal documents and will have them to the board by the end of the year. He provided the board with partial pay request number 3 for work on preliminary engineering to date. The total of the project is $36,750 with a $33,075 share by the FAA and $1,837.50 for the state with the same amount locally. This payment accounts for about 40 percent of the grant for the Airport Improvement Project approved in 2017. The board authorized President Bill Ernstes to sign the payment. The board was also provided the draft capital improvement plan through 2024. The 2019 portion of the plan would be the full grade and drainage work, contingent on land acquisition. The 2020 portion would include paving, airfield lighting, and signs. From 2021-2023, the draft includes land reimbursement as well as state and local projects that would be shared equally, but are currently unfunded. In 2024, the project would include strengthening the taxiway and apron due to larger aircraft using the airport.

Airport attorney Donald Tribbett reviewed the process for property appraisal through the Federal Lands Acquisition Act. The Act requires an appraiser and a review appraiser. He stated that he hoped to have recommendations by the next meeting. The board would then enter into a contract with both appraisers and then determine the offer to be made to affected landowners. Once an offer is made, the landowners would have 30 days to accept the offer. If any of the landowners refuse the offer, the board could begin the eminent domain process designed to provide just compensation for the property or properties. The first step is establishing that there is a statutory right to take the land. The court would then appoint 3 appraisers that would file their reports with the court. There are four primary categories of damages recoverable by a landowner in an eminent domain proceeding: the fair market value of the land being taken and any other interests in the land (i.e., easements); the fair market value of any buildings or improvements on the land; any damages to the portions of the landowners property that are not subject to the taking but are otherwise negatively impacted by the taking (e.g., for loss of access or loss of development opportunity); and a catch-all category of damages. He stated that some of the landowners have already hired an attorney that specializes in eminent domain. He stated that work continues on finding a funding source and he hopes to have that locked in by early 2019.

The board will hold its next meeting on January 28th, 2019 at 7:00 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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