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12/14/2018 - Greensburg Redevelopment Commission Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Redevelopment Commission met Thursday evening. Jason Semler from H. J. Umbaugh and Associates briefed the commission on a new state law. Under the new law, Redevelopment Commissions are required to hold an annual meeting with overlapping taxing districts like, but not limited to, the city, county, townships, school districts, and libraries to provide information on the TIF budget, long term plan, and impact analysis. Mr. Semler stated that there currently are not many additional guidelines. The local RDC already maintains the information, but might look at additions to the impact analysis. The commission also approved the third and final payment of $150,000 to Greensburg Community Schools and will make the payment in January.

City Engineer Ron May provided updates on several projects. He announced that Greensburg was not selected as one of the recipients of the state's Local Trax rail safety improvement projects. Mr. May also provided information on the project status for Veterans Way, Phase II. He reported that the design has been completed and submitted to INDOT with the exception of the right-of-way certification letter which is critical to contract letting. The letting was scheduled for March 2019 which would require the certification letter to be completed by the end of December. Mr. May stated that contract letting would now be April at the earliest which would require submission of the certification letter by January 21st, 2019. May is the last contract letting opportunity for the current fiscal year and would require submission of the certification letter by February 18th, 2019. The project was budgeted for the current fiscal year, so meeting the February 18th deadline is critical to moving forward. There are negotiations taking place with the owners of the 3 remaining parcels with one owner for two of the parcels. The commission members approved a motion to recommend to the City Council to extend the tax abatement for two of the parcels for three more years.

Mr. May then provided a report on the Lincoln Street project. He reported that the storm sewers, underdrains, curbs, and gutters are 100 percent installed. The concrete for driveway approaches is about 70 percent complete with curb ramps about 30 percent complete and the sidewalks about 50 percent complete. The pavement has been restored at Washington, North, Central, and Hendricks Streets. Based on weather conditions, the pavement at Walnut Street is scheduled to be completed by Monday or Tuesday.

Mr. May reported that the wedge at Circle K has been completed. A wedge was pulled from Main Street to Hendricks Street because, after milling the pavement, a thin layer of asphalt was found over the old concrete street. The asphalt was not well bonded to the concrete, so the asphalt was removed. He stated that concrete work will continue until it is completed, expected in about two weeks. The work includes the two remaining driveway approaches, curb ramps, and sidewalks. He expects that paving will continue through Wednesday, December 19th, depending on the weather. He does not expect the final surface to be completed until spring as well as final grading and seeding. Street lights will be installed as soon as they are received.

Mr. May stated that the original engineering estimated budget was about $1.4 million, with $1.1 million established as the city's original budget. Based on items discovered during the excavating process as well as additions, including modernizing the beacon assemblies in the school zones, the project should finish at around $1.35 million.

Mr. May stated that no final decision has been made on opening all of Lincoln Street at this point. There will be a bi-weekly progress meeting with the contractor on Friday, December 14th with a decision of whether to open some or all of the side streets. Lincoln Street could open, but the surface would be rough and could cause damage to portions of the project that have been completed.

The RDC will hold its next meeting on January 17th, 2019 at 6:30 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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