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10/3/2018 - Greensburg Police Department considering AngelSense as part of Autism Awareness Program - Click here to print this information

From Greensburg Police Chief Brendan Bridges:

The Greensburg Police Department is looking at implementing a new program through their Autism Awareness Program. The program that we are currently looking into is called AngelSense. This program is designed for children with special needs. The AngelSense GPS tracker is the only monitoring solution designed by autism parents for autism parents. This is designed with your child's needs in mind.

Below are several features that available with this GPS tracker. The mission is to create a safer world for children with special needs. Every parent should have the peace of mind that their child with special needs is safe.

-ANGELCALL- Speak to your child anytime. Requires no action on your child's part. Keep your child calm and guide them through transitions, or unexpected changes in routine. Option to add loved ones to call as well.

-SENSORY FRIENDLY DESIGN-Unlike watches, AngelSense has multiple wearing options, and accessories are designed for sensory sensitivity. Tamper proof design ensures your child cannot remove or destroy the device.

-INDOOR SEARCH-The indoor solution for wandering. Use Wi-Fi hotspots to find your child in a mall, school, or large indoor facility.

-RUNNER MODE-A must for wanderers. Share your child's real time location with your trusted first responders, family, friends, teachers and neighbors to quickly bring your child home safe.

-LATE DEPARTURE WARNING-Get alerted immediately if your child isn't on his bus or carpool.

-LISTEN-IN-Hear who your child is with. Make sure your child is well and is being treated kindly.

-ALARM-Locate your child when nearby in a crowd or when hiding.

This device will also alert parents through text to see when their kid has left a location and when they arrive at a location. This feature is very useful if your child is lost. You will be able to be notified of his location through GPS and map viewing. If a child is lost, you as a parent or guardian will have the capabilities to alert first responders which will allow public safety to go to the area immediately.

At this time the Greensburg Police Department is looking into purchasing AngelSense for families that are interested in the program. The one requirement is that the subject that will be wearing the device has to be diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum by an Autism Specialist. This program will be available to residents of Decatur County and the City of Greensburg .
The Greensburg Police Department will be working on grants and donations to fund this program. If you are interested or have questions on the program please contact Chief Brendan Bridges with the Greensburg Police Department at (812)663-3131 or email at

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