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9/20/2018 - Greensburg Plan Commission Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Plan Commission met Tuesday evening and considered one petition. The petition was for a replat with waivers of Charleston Square Phase II. Larry Kramer, owner of 6 duplexes, would like to separate and subdivide the duplexes into condominiums. The waivers he requested are for zero side yard setback where there is a common wall and minimum lot size. Condominiums are regulated as well under Indiana Code. After review of the IC codes, Building Commissioner Kathy Reynolds did not foresee any issues. The property owners would be responsible for their portion of yard and still fall under any covenants that the subdivision might have. Andy Scholle was present to represent Mr. Kramer. Mr. Scholle stated that the duplexes on the south side are on a lot and a half of 105 feet wide. A variance would need to be approved due to the requirement that the structures must be at least 70 feet wide. The four lots on the north side are all single lots that are just over 70 feet wide.

A representative of Maximum Results Realty stated that it is a good time to sell this type of housing and it is lacking in the community. All of the proposed condominiums have built-in firewalls up to the roof. The condos would likely sell for about $110,000 and be single attached dwellings with 2 car attached garages. It was pointed out that the USDA Rural Housing program provides full financing based on income. The south side condos would be about 900 square feet with the condos on the north side being about 850 square feet. Each condo would have back yard space. Other condos similar to this request have been approved, but it was in different administrations with different board members. The commission held a vote for a zero feet side yard setback width, middle lot frontage, and the size of the lots. The commission approved the request 5-1, with commission member Kevin Fleetwood voting no.

The commission then held a discussion regarding the variance requested in the BZA meeting. It was pointed out that several land owners were told to pave their parking areas and put in curbing. Some of the existing land owners knew the requirement, but chose to ignore the requirement. The current ordinance does not specify the type of curbing to be used. The commission members felt that ways to not punish small businesses should be adopted. Building Commissioner Kathy Reynolds stated that she would research local communities to review their requirements and present the information at the next meeting.

The Plan Commission will hold its next meeting on October 16th at 7:15 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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