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7/24/2018 - Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Board of Aviation Commissioners met Monday evening. Vice President Jon Dooley provided the financial report with $32,760.12 in the Airport Improvement Account, $50,558.26 in the Aviation and Rotary Fuel Account, and $136,662.91 in the Airport Operations Account for a total of $219,981.29. Board President Bill Ernstes noted that Donald Tribbett, attorney for the airport board, was in attendance. Mr. Dooley reported that no meetings have taken place regarding potential new hangars.

Mr. Ernstes reported that the credit card reader from QT Technologies has been ordered and should be in place prior to next month's meeting. The board members approved the 2019 budget that will be presented to the Greensburg City Council. Mr. Dooley noted that the line item for professional services has been reduced from $12,000 to $2,000 since most legal expenses will be reimbursed under the FAA program.

Paul Shaffer of BF&S reported that the Final Environmental Assessment for the Airport Development Project contained a finding of no significant impact/record of decision. The proposed project includes the following development actions:

-Construct a new Runway 1-19 to the west and south of existing Runway 18-36. Runway 1-19 will be 5,405 feet long and 100 feet wide.

-Construct new airfield lighting and navigational aids

-Acquire approximately 154 acres in fee simple (a permanent and absolute tenure of an estate in land with freedom to dispose of it at will)

Mr. Shaffer noted that Airport Improvement Program Number 7 used for the environmental assessment will now result in a reimbursement of $14,673 from the FAA and $193.05 from the state. Airport Improvement Program Number 12 used for preliminary runway design will result in a reimbursement of $45,000 from the FAA and $2,500 from the state. The board authorized giving Bill Ernstes permission to sign any grant applications that may have deadlines prior to the next board meeting.

The board will hold its next meeting on August 27th at 7:00 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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