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7/18/2018 - Greensburg Area Plan Commission Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Area Plan Commission met Tuesday evening and considered one petition. In the petition, Green Creek Realty, LLC Bloomfield, IL requested a replat of Lot 18 of Westridge Business Park. Andy Scholle, representing Green Creek Realty stated that the replat would divide the approximately 1.8 acre site into 2 buildable lots to be used for a convenience store/gas station and a restaurant. The replat would result in a private street being placed from Westridge Parkway to Memorial Drive. He also stated that each lot owner would be responsible for meeting the requirement for a drainage easement. City Engineer Ron May reported that the traffic committee reviewed the request and believed that the planned curb cut would be too close to the intersection of N. Michigan Avenue and Memorial Drive. The committee did believe that the road would be acceptable for right turns in order to not create new problems in an area with traffic of about 10,000 vehicles per day.

Patrick Wooden, Project Manager for American Structurepoint for Veterans Way Parts 1 & 2, stated that access points should be limited at minor access points. He believed that the plan is consistent with drive spacing and matches the layout. He stated that minor access points too close to a major intersection can compromise traffic capacity. He reported that in this instance the left turn lane would be 150 feet from the south toward Michigan Avenue with an additional 100 feet of tapered length from 421 to the north. He reported that left turn entry would create the greatest hazard while a right turn would potentially create traffic impediment. He stated that corner clearance between US 421 and Veterans Way is designed to be no closer than 200 feet, so the 250 feet in this request would be acceptable with access off of Westridge Parkway and Daniel Drive. It was pointed out that the traffic committee, based on expected traffic volume, recommended right turn in, right turn out off of Memorial Drive.

Jeff Whitaker, developer of the project, requested a full left and right turn in and out of the properties based on 2 other intersections on Westridge Parkway that have experienced no problems. Commission members pointed out that if the request was approved, a stipulation must be included to ensure a storm water management plan is in place. It was again pointed out that the traffic committee recommended no full intersection from the lots.

The commission voted on a motion to approve the replat with a full intersection on Memorial Drive. The motion was approved 5-2.

The Greensburg Area Plan Commission will hold its next meeting on August 1st at 7:15 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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