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7/3/2018 - Greensburg Police Department Reserve Program - Click here to print this information

On July 2nd, 2018, the Greensburg Board of Works approved the revised GPD Reserve Program as follows:


The appointment of reserve police officers gives the administration of the Greensburg Police Department tremendous latitude for special service personnel that could not have otherwise been provided to the community due to budget limitations.


A reserve officer is a person certified as a law enforcement officer who is appointed to work less than 40 hours a week without compensation, and who is vested with the same authority as a full time Greensburg Police Officer. This includes the authority to bear arms and make arrests. The reserve officers primary responsibility is the prevention and detection of crime as well as the enforcement of the criminal and traffic laws of the City of Greensburg and State of Indiana. A reserve officer program will be utilized at the discretion of the Chief of Police.


Chain of Command for Reserve Program

-Chief of Police- In charge of the reserve program

-Reserve Coordinator- Oversees the reserve program

-Reserve Field Training Officer- Training officer for reserves

-Reserve Officer- Appointed Reserve that will be under direct supervision at all times

Reserve Officer Selection Criteria


Applications are provided to interested individuals. Upon their completion and return, applications are kept on file at the Greensburg Police Department until the beginning of the reserve screening process.

Reserve applicants are invited to participate in the testing phase based on the applications that are on file at the Greensburg Police Department. Reserve applicants with an application on file that do not participate in the testing phase are eliminated from the current process and the application is discarded.

Mandatory Training/Field Training


The Greensburg Police Department shall utilize the 40 Hour Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Pre-Basic courses as part of the required basic training. Reserve officers shall complete the pre-basic course prior to beginning their field training.

Reserve Road School

The Greensburg Police Department requires that each reserve officer appointed after January 1, 2018 will have to attend and complete a mandatory reserve road school. Each reserve must complete or be currently attending the reserve road school within one (1) year of their appointment date. Reserve officers will complete a Field Training Manual within six (6) months of hire date.

It is the responsibility of the reserve officer to attend all aspects of the reserve road school unless excused by the training staff or Chief of Police. Failure to complete reserve road school will result in the reserve officer's dismissal from the program.

Field Training

Reserve officers must train with a sworn, non-probationary officer, or the assigned by Reserve Field Training Officer, at the discretion of the Field Training Coordinator (FTC). Reserve officers are expected to work at least 5-10 hours a week during field training in order to complete this phase before the one year anniversary of their appointment date. Each reserve officer will be given a reserve officer field training manual. It is the responsibility of the reserve officer to have his/her manual with them when reporting on-duty.

Field training officers will complete paperwork at the end of each reserve officer's shift. This paperwork is to be reviewed by the FTO and reserve officer and be signed by both. This paperwork is then to be given to the Reserve Coordinator to be stored in the reserve's personnel file. During the field training process, the reserve officer will also need to successfully complete the following within one (1) year of their appointment date:

The reserve officer is required to complete 50 hours of documented drive time with a field training officer and complete all Mandatory Indiana Law Enforcement Training Requirements. This training shall be completed.


During final evaluation, it will be determined whether the reserve officer will need to repeat any stage(s) of the field training to become satisfactory. If the reserve officer is given clearance from the Chief of Police, the reserve officer will be authorized assignments

Reserve Officer Uniforms and Equipment

Uniforms and Equipment

Greensburg Reserve Officers will be issued the same uniforms as full time sworn officers. The Chief of Police may modify regulations on uniforms and equipment issued to reserves as needed. Reserve officers shall have no authority unless in the issued uniform and in an on-duty status. Reserve officers will be outfitted with the necessary equipment to perform their duties while on duty in the reserve program with the Greensburg Police Department. Reserve officers shall not carry any department-issued equipment while off-duty except Department ID Card.

Equipment that will not be provided by the Greensburg Police Department and will be the responsibility of the reserve:

1. Handgun approved by the Greensburg Police Department's Primary firearms instructor.
2. Vest- approved by the Chief of Police

Equipment that will be provided by the Greensburg Police Department:

1. 1 Summer Class B Uniform
2. 1 Winter Class B Uniform
3. Duty Belt with accessories
4. Radio
5. Boots

*Reserve officers shall not carry any department-issued equipment while off-duty except Department ID Card.*

Patrol Vehicle

Each reserve officer will need to complete their 50 hours of documented drive time and monthly mandated twenty (20) hours workload to continue driving privileges. Reserve officers may also utilize other cars in the Greensburg Police Department fleet with prior approval. Reserve officers will always be with a full time sworn Greensburg Police Officer. The only time that a reserve officer will be solo patrol will be under the following conditions:

1. Parade Route Coverage
2. School Event Security
3. Other events designated by the Chief of Police


Duties include but are not limited to; while under the direction of a full time Greensburg Police Officer:

-Patrol city streets, state roads, and US Highways within the Greensburg City Limits and other jurisdictions as needed or directed
-Respond to accidents, medical emergencies and citizen complaints
-Direct and control traffic as needed for public safety
-Provide security at sporting events, concerts, etc
-Work parades either as traffic control and/or patrol
- Perform building checks
- Perform traffic stops
- Issue traffic warnings and/or citations
- Complete case reports
- Complete vehicle crash reports
- Assist full-time officers on traffic stops and calls
- Perform functions given by full-time officers
- Provide additional resources during community emergencies
- Other duties, including plain clothes duties, as assigned by the Chief of Police

Monthly Hours

Each Greensburg reserve is required to complete a minimum of twenty (20) hours a month, not to exceed 12 hours per shift unless in a designated emergency, in a number of various assignments that will include special events, local school activities, road patrol, and others after their training phase. While the reserve officer is in training phase, the reserve may be required to work more hours to be efficiently trained. This is so the reserve officer will retain the skills they were taught.

Reserve In-Service Training

Reserve officers are required to meet the same in-service requirements expected of full-time, sworn officers as outlined by applicable state statutes.

Each reserve officer will receive hourly credits for mandated trainings provided by the Greensburg Police Department or other law enforcement agencies. These hourly credits will be applied to their monthly mandated workloads. It will be the reserve officers' responsibility to provide the reserve coordinator a completed roster sheet for the completed training.

Specialty Training

Reserve officers may attend specialty trainings if desired and approved by the Chief of Police and if funding is available. Reserve officers will be responsible for obtaining a completed roster sheet and submitting it to the reserve coordinator. The reserve officer will receive hourly credit for completed trainings. These hours will be applied to the reserve officers monthly mandated workload.

Physical Training

The Greensburg Police Department strives for each officer of the department to be at their best physically. Each member of the reserve unit will be allowed to utilize the workout facility at the Greensburg Police Department to maintain conditioning.

Reserve officers wishing to participate in physical training at the Greensburg Police Department will need to mark on duty prior to beginning physical training and to mark off duty when completed.


The Greensburg Police Department sets standards for employees to follow so they do not bring discredit to themselves, the department, or the City of Greensburg. Reserve officers will follow the Greensburg Police Department SOP's.

Monthly Hours

Failure to complete monthly mandated hours will result in the loss of driving privileges for one (1) month. The reserve officer will need to make up the hours they did not complete from the previous month by riding with a full-time officer the following month, in addition to the current months mandated hours. It is the reserves officers responsibility to fill out an end of shift report and to turn them into the Reserve Coordinator. Failure to complete the above sanctions will result in a meeting with the reserve liaison and Chief of Police and possible dismissal from the program.

Mandated Training

Each reserve officer is responsible for completing mandated training. Failure to complete mandated training will result in the reserve officers dismissal from the reserve program.

Computer Aided Workload

It is each reserve officers' responsibility to complete their workload documentation through the Greensburg Police Department's program. This is to be completed at the end of each shift the reserve officer works. This is used to insure each reserve officer completes the required amount of hours each month.

Failure to complete the workload program will result in the addition of five (5) mandatory hours of drive time the following month. The reserve officer will need to complete these hours by riding with a full-time officer. It will be the reserve officer's responsibility to obtain a written letter from the officer(s) they have ridden with documented date and amount of time they rode. These letters will then need to be submitted to the reserve liaison.

Reserve Coordinator


The coordinating officer is responsible for ensuring communication and cooperation between two entities by serving as an official go-between from top-ranking officials of each organization. Liaison officers also have a supervisory responsibility for their particular organization, usually giving them authority to order the changes necessary to ensure the two organizations complete a given task.


-Develop reserve training program including assignment to Field Training Officer and develop documentation program with the FTO
-Evaluate all candidates to ensure they have a full understanding of policies and procedures. Also to ensure they have read and understand the outline of this program
-Perform 30 day, 90 day, and 6 month job performance review for all probationary reserves
-Develop training schedule as well as monthly work schedule
-Post monthly activity review for all reserves
-Create incentives to boost reserve program (reserve officer of the month/year etc.)
-Look for possible state/federal grants to help fund program, either monetarily or uniform/equipment replacement
-Review and assess all current policies and procedures. Also develop new procedures to cover any additional aspect of our program to ensure personal and departmental protection
-Sit on review committee for all disciplinary action including dismissal from program

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