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6/29/2018 - Decatur County Memorial Hospital Board Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Governing Board of Decatur County Memorial Hospital met Thursday evening. Chief Financial Officer Catherine Keck reported an increase in inpatient care. She attributed part of the increase to the ability to provide more critical services on site that, in the past, would have been transferred to another facility. She reported that the hospital has about $4.4 million, equaling 132 days, of cash on hand. She reported that investments have experienced significant highs and lows throughout the year, but did increase by $220,000 in May.

The Planning Committee reported on the success and future potential of the Patient Family Advisory Council. It was pointed out that the community is fortunate to have a group of motivated patients, family members, and other caregivers, along with staff that work to improve the experiences of other patients and caregivers. The Council is a significant tool to enhance patient care and align with the hospital's goals. The Committee expects to receive the Facility Assessment Plan in the next 3-4 months with special emphasis placed on the South Tower.

The Finance Committee provided an update on the accounts receivable aging and revenue cycle. It was pointed out that the ClaimAid program has assisted 304 patients obtain insurance coverage who either had not previously had coverage or may have thought they could not obtain coverage.

President and CEO Rex McKinney reported that over 680 community members attended this year's Healthy Fair and looks for even more growth as planning begins for 2019. He reported that DCMH will have a tent at the Decatur County Fair to give the community the opportunity to engage with hospital staff. He reported on the value added and success in attracting local talent through the intern program in multiple departments. He reported that the review of the hospital website continues, with steps taking place to enhance functionality.

The Board approved the non-budgeted capital item purchase of a Mindray Cardiac Monitor System Upgrade for the Emergency Department. The equipment was originally budgeted for 2019, but the opportunity was presented to purchase the state of the art model by the end of June for just over $55,000, a savings of about $40,000. It was pointed out that the current system would have required additional maintenance prior to the scheduled January 2019 purchase, so the actual savings would be much higher.

Susan Burkhart, Director of the Hospital Foundation of Decatur County, and the Foundation's Board President Andrew Stewart presented President/CEO Rex McKinney, Board President John Corya, and the Hospital Board of Directors with a check for over $613,000 to support the hospital's efforts to improve facilities and health related services to the community.

The Board will hold its next meeting on July 26th at 7:00 pm in Conference Room D at Decatur County Memorial Hospital.

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