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6/7/2018 - Decatur County Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Decatur County Board of Zoning Appeals met Wednesday evening and considered two petitions. In BZA Petition 2018-9, Roy Saylor requested a renewal of the "Conditional Use" as provided in Decatur County Zoning Ordinance 1135(7) to continue to sell and repair motorcycles on the property. The property is owned by Mr. Saylor and is located at 308 N. State Road 3, Westport in Sand Creek Township. It was pointed out during the board discussion that there have been no issues or complaints about the business during the previous 5-year conditional use period. The board approved the request for a new 5-year conditional use 4-0.

In BZA Petition 2018-10, Vacuum Services of Indiana/William Corya requested a "Special Exception" as provided in the Decatur County Zoning Ordinance Section 1206 for fuel storage and agricultural chemical storage on the property. The property is owned by Robbins Homestead LLC and is located at County Road 350W and W State Road 46, Greensburg in Washington Township. Approval of the "Special Exception" would be contingent on approval of a rezoning classification by the Area Plan Commission. Several adjoining property owners expressed their concern about that type of business and its potential impact on the surrounding areas. They also asked about the Decatur County Comprehensive Plan identifying that area as a future expansion area to an I-1 zoning classification while emphasis is also placed on preserving farmland.

One member of the Board was asked to recuse himself from voting on the petition due to a potential conflict of interest. The board has 5 members, with one absent Wednesday evening. As a result, approval of the petition would require unanimous approval of the three remaining members. Mr. Corya was given the opportunity to ask for an immediate vote or wait until a full board was present. He agreed that the rezoning issue to be considered by the Area Plan Commission was the priority and requested that the petition come back to the board during the July meeting. The board agreed to take the petition under advisement for consideration in July after completion of the rezoning request.

Jeff Whitaker asked the board for clarification regarding action that had been taken on a request for a special exception for a shooting range and hunting preserve near his home. He also asked for the definition of a common nuisance. He was advised that the board did not approve the special exception, so that type of activity would be in violation of county ordinance and would need to reported to the Sheriff's Department for action.

The board will hold its next meeting on July 5th at 6:30 pm at the Decatur County Courthouse.

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