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6/5/2018 - GPD makes Firearm and Multiple Drug Arrests against Three Greensburg Residents - Click here to print this information

On May 30th around 11:56 pm, Greensburg Police Department Sergeant John Albert responded to a call that a woman identified as Amber Howard was at the residence of Carl Griffith in violation of a protective order. Sergeant Albert verified that there was a reciprocating protective order between Howard and Griffith. Officers Moore and Mays also responded to the call. Howard was not in the residence at that point. Officer Mays was granted permission by George Griffith to look in his bedroom.

As Sergeant Albert exited the rear door of the residence, he reported finding a shed in the back yard. He opened the unsecured door and found two firearms in the entry way. When questioned, Carl Griffith stated that a pellet gun was in the shed, but acted confused about the second gun. According to the police report, Carl admitted that he was a convicted felon and was on probation. Sergeant Albert and Carl walked to the shed and confirmed that the second weapon was an unloaded 12 gauge shotgun. Carl reportedly stated that he did not know how the shotgun got in the shed.

On May 31st, Sergeant Albert spoke with Decatur County Probation about his findings. They advised that they would complete a search of Griffith's home. When they arrived, Amber Howard answered the door. Sergeant Albert confirmed that the protective order included Carl Griffith's residence. According to court documents, Carl said that he did not know why Howard was in the residence. Carl was then advised of his rights. Carl told Sergeant Albert that he did not know where the shotgun came from and stated that his brother George did not own a shotgun.

Sergeant Albert then asked if there were any drugs in the residence. Carl stated no, but did admit that there was a bong in the residence. Officer Hershberger and K-9 Kato conducted a search of the residence and received a positive indication of narcotics in the room occupied by George Griffith.
After finding a straw with white residue, Officer Hershberger and K-9 Kato exited the room. It was determined that a search warrant should be obtained. Amber Howard was then taken into custody and transported to the Decatur County Jail.

When the search warrant was granted, numerous drug related items, cell phones, and weapons were discovered in Carl Griffith's bedroom, George Griffith's bedroom, and the kitchen.
According to court documents, the following items were located in Carl Griffith's bedroom:

-A green, cut straw with white residue inside the straw. Cut straws are commonly used to snort drugs.

- Multiple cell phones with one cell phone hidden in the closet. Cell phones are commonly used in the sale and trafficking of illegal substances.

-A tablet, which can be used as a communication device.

-A black powder revolver was found under the nightstand button drawer inside a box, which was inside a bag.

-A slide from a Taurus semi-automatic pistol was located under the bed.

-An empty magazine from a semi-automatic pistol.

-A set of digital scales found in the bottom drawer of the nightstand. Digital scales can be used to weigh illegal substances when packaging.

-Multiple USB flash drives found throughout the bedroom.

-An assortment of knives and swords found throughout the bedroom. It should be noted that Probation took possession of these items.

-A locked safe was located in the closet in the bedroom. Sergeant Albert reported that he could smell the distinct odor of raw marijuana coming from the safe. The safe was pried open as there were no keys available.

-A plastic baggie containing a green leafy substance was located in the top portion of the safe. Sergeant Albert reported that the green leafy substance had a strong odor of raw marijuana. The substance was later weighed at 35 grams.

-A syringe tube (later found to not have a needle) that appeared to be loaded with a pink liquid.

-A green powdery substance in a plastic baggie.

The following items were found in George Griffith's bedroom:

-A small handgun Kassnar Defender .25 caliber. It should be noted that a citation with George Griffith's information was located above the gun in the closet.

-A pair of pants containing George's paper Indiana license and a social security card.

-A blue cut straw containing white residue inside the straw.

-A bong (paraphernalia) commonly used in the smoking of marijuana.

The following items were found in the kitchen:

-A box of 12 gauge shotgun shells above a cabinet.

-Other assorted ammunition.

Two round pills identified as Alprazolam, a Schedule 4 controlled substance were found in the glove box of a car driven earlier by Carl Griffith.

Officer Hershberger took Carl Griffith into custody and transported him to the Decatur County Jail.

Carl Griffith, 30 of Greensburg, faces allegations of possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon (a Level 4 felony); maintaining a common nuisance, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of marijuana (all Level 6 felonies); and possession of paraphernalia (a Class C misdemeanor). He was charged in Superior Court on June 1st.

George Griffith, Jr., 37 of Greensburg, faces allegations of maintaining a common nuisance (a Level 6 felony) and possession of paraphernalia (a Class C misdemeanor). He was charged in Circuit Court on June 1st.

Amber Howard, 24 of Greensburg, faces allegations of invasion of privacy (a Class A misdemeanor) and visiting a common nuisance (a Class B misdemeanor). She was charged in Superior Court on June 1st.

Under the law, criminal charges are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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