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5/14/2018 - Special Session for Indiana Gemeral Assembly from State Representative Randy Frye - Click here to print this information

Today the Indiana General Assembly will meet for a proposed one day special session. On Monday May 7th the Legislative Council met and adopted a resolution recommending the Indiana General Assembly take necessary action to limit the upcoming Special Session in 2018 to one day and to important matters pending at the end of the Second Regular Session of the 120th General Assembly and to not convene a second day for a Regular Technical Session.

The resolution lays out the five bills that are proposed to be acted upon:
HB1230(ss) School safety.
HB1242(ss) State and local administration.
o This was SB242 during the 2018 Regular Session.
HB1315(ss) School corporation financial management.
HB1316(ss) Taxes and higher education bonding.
HB1457(ss) Technical corrections.

Four of the five bills had signed conference committee reports at the end of the 2018 Regular Session and would have been voted on had we not run out of time. The fifth bill is a technical corrections bill put together by the Legislative Services Agency that is needed to fix technical issues with bills that passed during the 2018 Regular Session. The bill drafts along with fiscal notes and a comparison to the conference committee report can be found at the following website:

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