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5/3/2018 - Bread of Life soybean field gets planted! - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Bread of Life's newest fundraising project called "Farmers Feeding the Flock", is moving forward. Larry and Carol Evans and John and Krista Evans made the 38.1 acre field available. The soybean field was planted last night.

Here is the account from Merrill Smith -
John Evans drove the tractor and planter provided by Best Equipment and planted 153,000 soybeans per acre. Greg Nieman and Stewart Seeds provided the series 2.8 early maturing soybean seed. It only took a little over two hours to plant the 38.1 acres as the planter was 40 feet wide. The GPS system provided for very straight 15 inch rows that required John Evans to only steer the tractor at the end of the field to turn around. The tractor speed was between 4.6 and 5 mile per hour. The soybean seeds were planted at about 1 inch depth. The tractor had monitors showing that it was using 7.6 gallons of diesel fuel per tractor hour.

Kova Fertilizer of Westport sprayed the field with herbicide to control the weeds on Monday.

The Bread of Life is still accepting donations to help with the $11,500 cost of planting, fertilizing, and harvesting this project. To donate contact Bread of Life at 812-663-1055 or 812-662-4887.

Photos by Krista Evans.

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Soybean Field Planted
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