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1/2/2018 - Westport Woman faces Multiple Drug Dealing Charges - Click here to print this information

On December 8th at approximately 5:30 pm, Westport Police Department Officer Joe Talkington met with a confidential informant who proved credible and reliable. Officer Talkington was in undercover capacity at that point and the meeting took place at the Westport Police Department. Officer Talkington and the CI participated in an interview regarding a female subject, later identified as Mary "Christy" Naylor. Naylor had reportedly been selling Xanax .25 mg pills for $2.00 each. Officer Arbuckle witnessed Officer Talkington conduct an outer search of the CIs clothing. Nothing was found was during the search. At approximately 6:17 pm, Officer Talkington and the CI left the Police Department and got into a vehicle that was searched before the buy. The CI got in the driver's seat and Officer Talkington got in the back of the vehicle behind the driver's seat. They drove to an address on E. Main Street in Westport, known to be Naylor's residence. Officer Talkington witnessed Naylor come out of the residence. Naylor got in the passenger seat. Officer Talkington witnessed Naylor hand the CI a rolled up tissue like material and observed the CI handing money to Naylor. Naylor then exited the vehicle. Upon returning to the Police Department, the CI and Officer Talkington processed the evidence. They discovered 25 round pills identified as Alprazolam "Xanax" .25 mg, a controlled substance. The tablets were weighed at 5.59 grams including the package.

On December 15th, Officer Talkington, in undercover capacity, met with the CI. They discussed a report of a female suspect, Mary "Christy" Naylor selling crystal meth for $100.00. The CI confirmed a meeting with Naylor at an address on E. Main Street in Westport. Officer John Organist went to a location south of the meeting site with a digital camera. The CI was searched prior to the meeting with Naylor. The CI remained in Officer Talkington's view at all times. Officer Talkington witnessed Naylor walking to her vehicle, get in her car, and did a hand-to-hand exchange of money for drugs with the CI. Officer Organist was able to take pictures of the buy. Upon returning to the Police Department, Deputy Arbuckle field tested the crystal substance with a positive indication of methamphetamine with a weight of .95 grams including the packaging.

On December 24th, Officer Damon Land was in his vehicle, sitting stationary, on East Main Street in Westport when a small dark passenger car drove by westbound. Officer Land ran the license plate through Decatur County Dispatch and was advised that the plate belonged to a different vehicle. At that point, he initiated a traffic stop. Conservation Officer Andy Hagerty arrived to assist in the stop. The driver, identified as Mary Christine Naylor, advised that the vehicle had been recently sold by her soon to be ex-husband to her father. Naylor was unable to provide any proof of purchase for the vehicle. Officer Land asked for consent to search the vehicle and Naylor gave consent.

During the search, a cut straw was found in a small black makeup bag in the glove box. A passenger in the vehicle stated that the straw belonged to her. The straw field tested positive for methamphetamine. The passenger gave Officer Hagerty a cigarette pack containing a cut straw that tested positive for methamphetamine. The passenger reported that Naylor had given her the cigarette pack and asked the passenger to hide it. Although she initially denied it, Naylor eventually admitted that she did hand the cigarette pack to the passenger and asked her to hide it.

Mary Naylor, 53 of Westport, faces allegations of dealing in a Schedule IV controlled substance and dealing in methamphetamine (both Level 5 felonies), possession of methamphetamine (a Level 6 felony), and possession of paraphernalia (a Class C misdemeanor). She was charged in Circuit Court on December 28th.

Under the law, criminal charges are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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