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11/13/2017 - Georgia Man faces multiple Felony charges - Click here to print this information

On November 6th at approximately 11:34 pm, Greensburg Police Department Officer Devin Moore was dispatched to an address on North Carver Street on a report of a male subject who had fallen and was bleeding from his head.

Upon arriving at the scene with EMS, Officer Moore found the victim standing in the kitchen with a blood soaked towel against the back of his head. Officer Moore requested assistance from additional officers. The victim told Officer Moore that the suspect stabbed him and was upstairs.

Officer Moore searched two bedrooms and closets and was unable to locate the suspect, later identified as Tyler Scott. Officer Moore returned to the kitchen to speak with the victim. Multiple officers remained upstairs to look for Scott and found him on the roof of the home. Officer Katterhenry placed Scott into handcuffs.

After Officer Moore advised him of his rights, Scott stated that he understood his rights and wanted a lawyer. At that point, Scott refused to provide officers with his full name or date of birth. Officer Moore spoke with the residents of the home, asking that they not clean anything in order to maintain the scene.

After returning upstairs, Officer Moore was advised that Scott had spat on Trooper Herbert's pants and boots. Scott is reported to have made several threatening statements toward officers and was placed into a spit mask. SGT Albert conducted an interview with the victim in the emergency department at Decatur County Memorial Hospital. The victim stated that Scott had stabbed him due to jealousy over a relationship.

Scott was transported to the Decatur County Jail where he told Officer Moore that he had a warrant out of Georgia. He then gave Officer Moore his full name and date of birth. Dispatch discovered that Scott had no warrants out of Indiana or Georgia. Scott then agreed to give a statement in an interview conducted by Detective McNealy.

Scott alleged that the victim had confronted him with a knife and referred to Scott using racial slurs. Scott initially stated that he defended himself and took the knife. Scott later reported that the knife "lost control" during a struggle with the victim. He then stated that "I don't know where the knife is, I don't know what happened, I know he got hurt." After completing the interview, Scott was remanded to jail staff.

Detective McNealy then went to the scene of the incident and interviewed several witnesses. Two of the witnesses told Detective McNealy that they came downstairs after hearing yelling and screaming. Both witnesses stated that they saw Scott with the knife and observed that the victim was bleeding from his head. Detective McNealy reported observing a silver knife by the kitchen sink. The knife was secured and taken for evidence.

Tyler Scott, 32 of Duluth, Georgia faces allegations of:
-Aggravated battery (level 3 felony)
-Battery with a deadly weapon (level 5 felony)
-Battery on a law enforcement officer (level 6 felony)
-Battery with a deadly weapon (level 6 felony)

Tyler Scott was charged in Superior Court on November 8th.

Under the law, criminal charges are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Tom Flemming-WTRE News

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