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11/11/2017 - Economic Development Director resigns, complete change in office - Click here to print this information

EDC Executive Director Marc Coplan has resigned that position and the EDC board has made a complete office change. Coplan resigned on Thursday, having been with EDC for 7 years and EDC Board president David Miers said that Natasha Kellerman is no longer an EDC employee.

Miers told WTRE news that they have someone they are looking at to fill that position and expect to have a new Executive Director in place by December 1st. Miers declined telling WTRE news who that person was but said that an announcement would probably be made within a 10 day period.

When asked if he saw any big changes in the direction that economic development will take, Miers said he didn't see big changes, but he expected changes to involve a more aggressive position on getting businesses into the community and being more supportive of businesses that are in the community.

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