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11/9/2017 - Indianapolis Man faces Domestic Battery and Criminal Confinement charges - Click here to print this information

On October 5th, shortly after midnight, Greensburg Police Officer Chris Bridges responded to a dispatch of a woman being beaten and choked. When he arrived, Decatur County Sheriff's Deputy Pat Richards and Greensburg Police Department Officer Matt Terkhorn were on the scene. Deputy Richards was talking with a man and woman. The man was later identified as James Graham. Officer Bridges directed Graham to speak with Officer Terkhorn. Officer Bridges noted that the woman had been crying, had a reddish tint to her face, and appeared to be visibly scared.

In his conversation with the woman, Officer Bridges discovered that the woman had been dating Graham. According to reports, the woman stated that Graham had been drinking and became angry when she received a message from a male friend. She reported that Graham had driven away from the scene but returned. When Graham came back to the home, he is said to have continued to scream and yell at the woman. She made attempts to get Graham to calm down due to her 2 year old child sleeping in a bedroom in the home.

At that point, Graham reportedly began to leave again but came back inside the home yelling and screaming. Graham allegedly grabbed the woman and pushed and pinned her against the bathroom wall. A toilet had been broken from the studs and shifted during the struggle. According to reports, Graham began choking the woman with his right hand around her neck. She stated that she passed out and fell to the bathroom floor. When she came to, Graham is said to have slammed the woman's head against the drywall. She made attempts to call the police, but Graham reportedly grabbed her phone and broke it. The woman reported she attempted to exit the home but Graham grabbed her, threw her on the couch, and slammed the door shut. According to reports, Graham began to choke the woman again. She told Officer Bridges that she was terrified and afraid for her life. She reportedly told Graham she needed to check on the 2 year old and was able to grab an old phone. She began messaging and asking a friend to call for help. At that point, the woman and Graham were outside when officers arrived at the home.

Officer Bridges reported that the woman had bruising on both sides of her neck that appeared to be consistent with someone being choked or strangled. The woman reported feeling light headed and dizzy. EMS confirmed the bruising as well as a small swelling and raised area in back of her head.

Officer Bridges then spoke with Graham. Graham denied that any fighting or arguing took place. When asked about items on top of his car and scattered in the driveway, Graham stated he was going to leave and head back to Indianapolis. He later stated that a small argument had taken place on the couch and he was never in the bathroom during the argument. He then told Officer Bridges that it wasn't even an argument and nothing physical took place. Officer Bridges reported a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Graham.

Graham was transported to the Decatur County Jail. Jail staff administered a portable breath test to Graham with a reported result of .147 percent BrAC.

James Graham, 24 of Indianapolis faces allegations of:
-Domestic Battery (a level 5 felony)
-Criminal Confinement (a level 5 felony)
-Strangulation (a level 6 felony)
-Interference with Reporting a Crime (a class A misdemeanor).

Graham was charged in Circuit Court on November 6th.

Under the law, criminal charges are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Tom Flemming-WTRE News

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