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11/2/2017 - Two Greensburg Residents face nine Felony on a Financial Institution charges - Click here to print this information

On October 4th, Greensburg Police Department Officer Casey Jones took a report regarding a stolen purse and unauthorized use of credit cards on October 3rd. The victim believed she may have forgotten to lock her vehicle during the afternoon and did not realize her purse was missing until later that evening. She cancelled her credit and debit cards immediately after realizing the purse was missing. She contacted her bank and discovered that her debit card was used at two different stores around 3:00 that afternoon. She told Officer Jones that approximately $117.00 and her drivers license were also in the stolen purse.

After taking the report, Police Chief Brendan Bridges informed Officer Jones that several cards belonging to the victim were found scattered around Franklin Street. The cards included membership cards, Medicare cards, and other cards with no financial value. Officer Jones reported that there were no suspects at that point.

On October 5th, Officer Jones went to one of the businesses where a card belonging to the victim was used. He reviewed the store video and saw an adult male and female using the card. Based on prior experience, Officer Jones believed the male was 19-year old Trevor Powers of Greensburg.

On October 10th, Officer Jones obtained store video from Wal-Mart showing the two suspects using the same card as the one identified in the video from October 5th. Based on the quality of the video, Officer Jones was able to positively identify the man as Trevor Powers, 19 of Greensburg, and the woman as Raychelle Innis, 19 of Greensburg. According to court documents, Powers and Innis were seen using the card at a self checkout and immediately going to the service desk for a cash refund. At that point, Officer Jones forwarded his report to the Decatur County Prosecutors office.

On October 13th, Officer Jones received another report from the victim that a second card had been used at several locations totaling just under $680.00. The victim later reported a debit at Rural King for $95.10.

On October 24th, Officer Jones received video from Rural King showing the suspects making two purchases. After taking both suspects into custody, Officer Jones was informed that a handgun found on Powers in another case was reported stolen.

Trevor Powers and Raychelle Innis both face allegations of 9 counts of fraud on a financial institution (all level 5 felonies) and theft (a class A misdemeanor). Powers was charged in Decatur County Superior Court on October 25th. Innis was charged in Decatur County Circuit Court on October 25th.

In an update to our October 24th report, Trevor Powers faced preliminary charges of possession of a stolen firearm and carrying a handgun without a license based on a report of suspicious activity on October 20th. In that case, Officer Jacob Mays responded to a call of suspicious activity. During that investigation, Officer Mays found a 9mm handgun on Powers.

After further investigation in that case, Trevor Powers now faces allegations of:
burglary (level 4 felony); fraud on a financial institution (level 5 felony); theft (level 6 felony); 4 counts of theft (class A misdemeanors); carrying a handgun without a license (class A misdemeanor); and 3 counts of unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle (all class B misdemeanors). He was charged in Decatur County Superior Court on October 25th.

Under the law, criminal charges are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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