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11/2/2017 - Decatur County Area Plan Commission Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Decatur County Area Plan Commission met Wednesday evening and considered three petitions.

In APC Petition 2017-16, Robert West requested rezoning from an R-2 to R-4 zoning classification to allow an apartment in an existing unattached garage on property located at 8431 E. CR 200S Greensburg, Salt Creek Township. The apartment would be on the second floor of a current structure, with the first level used for storage. Mr. West has and currently does rent the apartment despite not meeting code to be a residence. There is no inspection on file allowing residential living space in the building. Additionally, the structure is located in the middle of a county road. New Point Town Council President Freda Kegley addressed the commission members. She spoke on behalf of the town council and requested the petition not be approved. Numerous safety issues were discussed by the commission and several New Point residents. The commissioners unanimously voted to reject the petition.

In APC Petition 2017-17, Eric and Mercedes Bare requested to rezone 2.99 acres of 4.895 acres from an A-1 to A-2 zoning classification to construct a single family detached dwelling. The property is located just south of 1276 S. CR 1050W Hope, Clay Township. The commissioners approved the petition.

In APC Petition 2017-18, Leon Boggs, representing The Sign Exchange, petitioned to rezone 2.0 acres from an A-1 to a B-3 zoning classification for property currently owned by Tim Myer located at 3242 S. US Hwy 421 Greensburg, Marion Township. The Sign Exchange is in the process of buying Signs by Myer. The existing building on the property has a residence on the second floor, but the purchaser plans on using the property as business only. The petition was approved with the condition that none of the property will be used as a residence.

The commission will hold its next meeting on December 6th at 7:00 pm at the Decatur County Courthouse.

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