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10/3/2017 - Greensburg City Council Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg City Council met Monday evening. The council approved the following ordinances on the 2nd and final reading: Greensburg Community Schools Budget, City Budget, City Salaries, Elected Salaries, Utility Salaries, Additional Appropriations, and Airport Budget.

Chief Brendan Bridges requested approval of the 2018 Prevention Group Budget. The Prevention Group received a grant for $125,000 from the federal government. The group hired an employee who is contracted with the city. Salaries have been cut to allow for more money to be put toward prevention.

Patty Jackson from the Southeastern Indiana Regional Plan Commission provided an update on the owner occupied rehab program. The program resulted in upgrading 14 low income houses, including 6 in Greensburg, 5 in unincorporated areas of the county, and 3 in Westport.

City Engineer Ron May provided an update on the Community Crossing Grants. The city received $701,000 to be used toward 2 of the 5 requested projects. Approximately $598,000 will go toward improvements on Lincoln Street from Walnut St. to Main St. The project will include rehab of Lincoln St. to include curbs, sidewalks, and paving. The match for that project will come from the city Redevelopment Commission. The RDC is providing an additional $200,000 for streetlights. The additional funds are for work on the following projects: Franklin St. from Washington to Central; 4th St. from Main to the railroad tracks; Nightingale from Barachel to Greenview Dr; and 10th St. from Broadway to Lincoln St. He reported that the Barachel and Montgomery Rd. intersection project is almost complete.

Kathy Reynolds briefed the council on Ordinance 2017-21, the Animal Control Ordinance Amendment. One of the areas that generated significant discussion would allow 4 hens per household, with none authorized in the current ordinance. The hens would have to be in an area no closer than 20 feet to adjoining property lines. No roosters would be allowed under the amendment. The council voted 2-2 on the first reading. Council members agreed to gain more input from residents in their districts before considering the issue at the next council meeting. The council will hold its next meeting on November 6th at 7:00 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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