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8/8/2017 - Greensburg Board of Works Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Board of Works met Monday evening. Carol Pumphrey requested closing a portion of the 200 block of North Franklin Street from about 11:30 am to 1:30 pm on September 9th for the dedication of the Carl Fisher Memorial at the Decatur County Historical Museum. Mr. Fisher's 1914 Packard and several other classic cars will be on display.

City Treasurer Ashlee Green updated the board on two funds totaling about $91,000 that have been dormant for several years. City Attorney Chris Tebbe will review applicable laws and make a recommendation to the board.

Fire Chief Steve Garrett requested and received approval to transfer excess SCBA equipment to the Adams Fire Department. He also announced that the dedication of Fire Station 2 will take place on August 19th at 10:00 am.

Street Commissioner Mark Klosterkemper presented the board with 3 bids for a new street department truck. The board approved purchasing a base model, one-half ton, regular cab, 4 wheel drive truck from Acra Automotive for approximately $23,000.

City Engineer Ron May provided an update on plans for CR350W. A developer has proposed creating a truck staging area near the dead end with CR300N. The Decatur County Redevelopment Commission has agreed to pay for improvements to widen the road to 24 feet and add a 10 inch gravel base. The long term plan would include paving the road. Mr. May also briefed the board on the pavement asset management plan, community crossing matching grant applications, and the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VI 2016 accomplishments and 2017 goals.

Jeff Smith submitted and received approval for construction payout number 4 totaling approximately $298,000. The lone bid submitted for the Montgomery Road sewer project was opened. The bid, from Instiform Inc, totaled about $86,000. The project would create an extension to the retention pond near the high school. The board authorized, after legal review, the mayor to sign for the city. Donna Lecher submitted and received approval for a $2,073 adjustment for the city/county pool.

Police Chief Brendan Bridges received approval to dispose of weight equipment that is no longer needed based on the newly approved wellness center. Chief Bridges received permission from the board to make a job offer for a replacement for the recently retired LT Wayne Shake.

The board will hold its next meeting on September 5th at 5:00 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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