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6/16/2017 - VP Mike Pence in Florida Thursday, Indiana on Friday - Click here to print this information

From Network Indiana, Chris Davis

MIAMI, Fla.--The drug problem that has hit Indiana hard in the past few years has also been doing damage to the rest of America. Vice-President Mike Pence said Thursday that it must be stopped at its source. He spoke to leaders of Central American counties at the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America, in Miami.

"We will make sure our borders are closed to those who would do us harm and it will be impassable to drugs that are besetting our families and our communities," said Pence.

"We see it in the gangs and violence that plague our streets and cities. We see it in the news with the names of the victims and their families. We see it on the faces of our families and friends who've fallen prey to the scourge of drug addiction."

Pence reiterated that the policy of the Trump administration is to stop illegal immigration.

"President Trump has made it clear that this must end and under his leadership and your, this will end."

Pence also called out the leadership of Venezuela.

We must all of us raise our voices to condemn the Venezuelan government for its abuse of power and abuse of its own people and we must do it now, said Pence.

Pence also talked briefly about the shooting of Cong. Steve Scalise and others, in Alexandria, Va.

"The American people are grateful for these courageous police officers," said Pence, talking about the officers who saved lives, running toward the danger when they were being shot at.

"Karen and I join millions across America in praying for Steve, for all the injured and their families in this difficult time."

Pence was scheduled to speak at the J.W. Marriott in downtown Indianapolis Friday, reported He's raising money for the Great America Campaign.

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