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6/15/2017 - Decatur County Community Schools Board Meeting - Click here to print this information

Decatur County Community Schools held their board meeting Wednesday evening. The board approved conference attendance for the superintendent, director of learning, and building administrators at the Marzano High Reliability Schools Summit in Rockwall, Texas from July 5-7.

The board accepted resignations from:
-Nicole Zollman - South Decatur Elementary
-Theresa Swain - South Decatur Elementary
-Joshua Grossman - South Decatur High
-Alyssa Paul - North Decatur High School
-Lauren McReynolds - North Decatur Elementary
-Adam Warren - North Decatur Elementary

The board approved hiring of:
-Kelsey Slaughter - North Decatur High
-Jessica Neff - North Decatur High School
-Benjamin Vanderbur - South Decatur High School
-Velecia Skinner - South Decatur High School

The board accepted athletic hiring for North Decatur High School:
-Lindsey Nobbe Assistant Volleyball Coach
-Marci Ping Junior High Cross Country
-Brent Muckerheide Varsity Softball

The board announced that the expulsion hearing was resolved and the student involved will be able to complete the core subjects of Math, English, and Science online.

The board reviewed bids for bread and milk for the 2017-18 school year. The board accepted the bread bid from Klosterman and the milk bid from Prairie Farms.

The board approved the acceptance of a donation from Bill and Jackie Blasdel in the amount of $13,700 to upgrade the sound systems used by the drama and music departments at North Decatur High School. The cafeteria upgrades are approximately $12,350 with the music department upgrades costing about $1,350.

The board reviewed and approved elementary school textbook rental fees for the 2017-18 school year.

The North Decatur High School Alumni Association submitted a request to provide new lockers for the school locker rooms. The board granted approval of the request.

Superintendent Johnny Budd presented each principal with their certification as High Reliability Schools. He expressed his gratitude for the tremendous support he received during the past 5 years. Board President Todd Mauer presented a plaque to recognize the superintendent for his outstanding performance.

Director of Learning Debbie Reynolds informed the board that North Decatur Elementary School received recognition as a 4-star school based on ISTEP results from 2014-16. To receive 4-star recognition, a school must first be graded an A on ISTEP from 2015-16 with results from at least 95% of students. Additionally, the passing percentage on ISTEP for grades 3-8 must be in the top 25% of a tested subject. The school was able to achieve top 25% students passing both Math and English. She also provided an update on the highly successful Camp Invention program and plans to sponsor the Camp after the 2017-18 school year.

The board will hold its next meeting on July 12th at 6:00 pm at the Decatur County Schools Central Office.

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