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6/7/2017 - Thirteen charges filed against Greensburg man - Click here to print this information

A Greensburg man faces 13 allegations, including a level 4 felony for dealing in cocaine; a level 5 felony for dealing in a Schedule I, II, or III controlled substance; a level 5 felony for possession of methamphetamine; a level 5 felony for possession of cocaine or a narcotic drug; a level 6 felony for dealing in marijuana; a level 6 felony for possession of marijuana; a level 6 felony for maintaining a common nuisance; four class A misdemeanors for possession of a controlled substance; a class A misdemeanor for possession of paraphernalia; and a class C misdemeanor for possession of alcohol by a minor.

20-year old Chance Evans was charged in Decatur County Circuit Court on June 6th. According to court documents, Greensburg Police Department units were dispatched to an address on North Davidson Street due to a male passed out in a vehicle. An officer relayed the license plate information on the vehicle and discovered that the plate did not match that vehicle. Officers attempted to wake up the subject, who pulled the door shut when he woke up.

Initially, the suspect stated that the vehicle belonged to him, but he did not have insurance yet. Later in the investigation, the suspect allegedly admitted that the vehicle did not belong to him.

According to the police report, an officer noticed a strong odor which he believed was marijuana. The officer asked the suspect when he last smoked marijuana in the vehicle and the suspect is said to have stated that he hadnt at any point. The suspect, upon the officer's request, exited the vehicle.

The suspect is said to have consented to a search of his pockets. An officer noticed a backpack in the passenger seat, which the suspect identified as belonging to a friend.

According to court documents, officers conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle. An officer is said to have found two unmarked pill containers, one of which contained several multi-colored round pills. The officer also found a plastic material that contained a substance consistent with marijuana. Later, during the search, officers found a tin that contained suspicious strips in plastic baggies. The search is said to have also uncovered a strip of wax paper and two rubber containers believed to contain a marijuana concentrate.

According to the police report, several larger plastic baggies were located in the backpack, along with a blue drawstring bag. At that point, the suspect allegedly admitted that there were a lot of drugs in the vehicle. Another individual is said to have approached officers and became irate and argumentative. The individual was detained while officers continued the search.

Officers read the suspect his rights and the suspect denied that the drugs belonged to him. He was then transported to the Decatur County Jail. During transport, the suspect is said to have kept moving around the backseat of the officers vehicle.

During a search at the jail, staff notified the officer that a small plastic bag of pills, similar to those discovered during the previous search in the suspects pocket. An officer confiscated the suspects phone and obtained a search warrant. The contents of the bag were packaged for distribution. According to the police report, the contents were placed in multiple packages in nuggets. The bag allegedly contained a scale and a large amount of cash wrapped in rubber bands. The officer was later notified that suboxone strips, MDMA, and methamphetamine were in containers in the backpack. At that point, the suspect was booked and the police report was forwarded to the Decatur County Prosecutors office for review.

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