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5/2/2017 - Greensburg City Council Meeting - Click here to print this information

Greensburg City Council held its monthly meeting Monday evening. Police Chief Brendan Bridges submitted ordinances 2017-4 for the K-9 Fund and 2017-5 for the Bike Patrol Fund which detail what can be spent and what can be purchased. The council suspended rules and approved the ordinances on the 1st reading.
Fire Chief Steve Garrett presented ordinance 2017-6 for the Fire Safety Fund. The Fire Safety fund is a donation fund, but requires an ordinance to spend any money. There is currently about $32,000 in the fund. The fund has been used for items like fire prevention materials and smoke house upkeep. The council suspended rules and approved the ordinance on the 1st reading.
Clerk/Treasurer Ashlee Green presented ordinance 2017-7 for the Departmental Cash Change Fund. The ordinance is designed to identify how much cash is kept in the police department, clerk/treasurer office, and the water office. The council suspended rules and approved the ordinance on the 1st reading, but added a requirement for periodic audits.
Street superintendent Mark Klosterkemper briefed the council on the status of an unserviceable trash truck. At a minimum, the truck requires head gasket and piston rings repair, a rebuilt transmission, new springs, and a new hydraulic pump. The repairs would, on the low end, cost about $50,000. The city can purchase a new high compaction truck for $160,000, but would not be available until mid-September. The city could rent a truck for $5,600 per month until the new truck arrives. The council authorized use of funds for purchase, which requires Board of Works approval.
Mayor Dan Manus discussed the hiring of a city building commissioner to be responsible for enforcing zoning ordinances. The council approved the hiring using EDIT funds for the remainder of this year, with further discussion during budget sessions for future years.
The council will hold its next meeting on June 5th at 7:00 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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