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5/2/2017 - Greensburg Board of Works Meeting - Click here to print this information

The Greensburg Board of Works held its monthly meeting Monday evening. Fire Chief Steve Garrett requested, and received approval, to spend just over $10,000 to purchase gas monitors out of HAZMAT funds. The cost includes training on the new equipment and does not require going through the state bid process. Wendy Blake from Mainstreet Greensburg appeared before the board to provide an update on her conversations with business owners that would be impacted by a Friday evening closure of streets required for the June 24th Tenderloin Throwdown. The board felt all questions had been answered and approved a 9:00 pm closure on Friday, June 23rd.
Steve Robertson from Strand & Associates presented the board with a pay application in the amount of approximately $102,000 to be used for mobilization, bonding, and insurance for the wastewater treatment plant project. The request was unanimously approved. Another request was submitted, and approved, for $62,000 to allow Strand & Associates to provide services in the sewer rehabilitation project. Police Chief Brendan Bridges requested, and received, authorization to promote officers Jacob Mays and Eric Lusk to 1st class patrolman. Chief Bridges also submitted an amendment to the towing policy. The amendment clarifies questions about what can be searched or seized. Officers have a log sheet to use if a vehicle goes to the tow yard. Body camera video will also be submitted in all cases. Officers have the discretion, with the approval of the driver, to move vehicles that are illegally parked or blocking traffic instead of immediately calling for a tow truck. Car trunks and glove compartments can be searched only if a key is available. Chief Bridges requested, and received approval, to dispose of property that can be taken for recycling. Any funds earned through recycling would go to the city general fund.
Clerk/Treasurer Ashlee Green submitted, and received approval for, a request to dispose of property. Property would first be taken and evaluated for auction, with any funds generated going to the city general fund. The board approved an authorization of amendment for the Redevelopment Commission allocating an additional $6,800 for additional professional services for the Veterans Way Overlay District. The board will hold its next meeting on June 5th at 5:00 pm at Greensburg City Hall.

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