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3/20/2017 - This week in the Indiana House - Click here to print this information

State Representative Randy Frye will be calling into the WTRE studios this morning at 7:10.

Monday March 20 the House calendar has 26 bills on 2nd reading and 10 on third reading. The session is getting very busy with only 5 weeks remaining.

SB384 Repeals a no longer needed state committee. One of the bills we pass each year to eliminate unnecessary and outdated state laws.

The Integrated Public Safety Commission (IPSC) is requesting repeal of the State Agency Public Safety Committee (committee), established in chapter 6 of IC 5-26. The committee formed in 2003 and was initially used as the developing group for disseminating information and developing policies for use of the statewide radio system as the system was being implemented and as agencies purchased equipment.

Over time, all duties of the committee were shifted to the Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee (SIEC). The SIEC membership includes state agencies, a representative from each of the ten Indiana Homeland Security Districts, federal/state/local law enforcement, fire, EMS, cities, and towns. This shift of duties to the SIEC was formally adopted by the 12-member Integrated Public Safety Commission in November 2009.

The General Assembly's duties include passing Resolutions as well as laws. Resolutions are voted on by the membership and are recorded in Indiana's archives forever. This session I've authored 3 Resolutions with Senator Perfect.

1. Honoring Career and Technician Education.

2. Honoring Volunteer Firefighter's with 50 years of service.

3. This past Thursday I offered a Resolution honoring Indiana's Motorsports history and the economic impact it brings to our state. Below is a few examples.

Indiana's motorsports industry contributes more than 23,000 jobs for the state, paying an average annual wage of nearly $63,000.

The motorsports industry impacts almost all of Indianas 92 counties. It not just the race and the track, there are race teams, manufacturers, research and development firms, supplies, marketing and public relations

Indy 500 impact
The 2012 Indy 500 added and estimated $510 million to the Indiana economy. The 2016 race was the first sellout in the 100 year history of the Indy 500.
Approximately 6,200 direct and indirect jobs in Indiana created by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The NHRA host it's US Nationals race each Labor Day in Brownsburg. The US Nationals is considered the Super Bowl of drag racing. Indiana is the King of Motorsports.

State Representative Randy Frye

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