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3/17/2017 - Indianapolis woman faces OWI and possession of paraphernalia charges - Click here to print this information

An Indianapolis woman faces allegations of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a class A misdemeanor and possession of paraphernalia, a class C misdemeanor. 27-year old Jessica Evans was charged in Decatur County Superior Court on March 16th. According to court documents, an Indiana State Police officer conducted a traffic stop on Ireland Street for a vehicle demonstrating unusual movements within its lane. After the stop, the officer believed the suspect demonstrated common indicators of an impaired person. The officer administered the standardized field sobriety tests, none of which she was able to perform successfully. At that point, another officer with a K-9 arrived to assist on the scene. The K-9 allegedly gave a positive indication of contraband in the vehicle. During a search of the vehicle, authorized by the suspect, officers were able to locate a small glass smoking pipe containing burnt residue. The suspect tested at .00% BrAc on both the preliminary and certified breath tests. The officer then conducted a drug recognition evaluation and believed that the suspect was under the influence of narcotic analgesics and unable to operate a vehicle safely. The suspect consented to a blood test which was forwarded to the Indiana State Department of Toxicology for testing. The suspect was then remanded to the Decatur County Jail staff without further incident.

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