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3/17/2017 - Ohio man faces multiple drug charges - Click here to print this information

A New Mansfield, Ohio man faces allegations of possession of a controlled substance and possession of a synthetic drug, both class A misdemeanors; possession of marijuana, a class B misdemeanor; and possession of paraphernalia, a class C misdemeanor. 25-year old Bradford Hawk was charged in Decatur County Superior Court on March 16th. According to court documents, a Greensburg Police Department officer was dispatched to a business on North State Road 3 Bypass regarding drug paraphernalia found in a room. The manager of the business showed the officer pictures from the room. According to the police report, the pictures showed what the officer believed to be glass pipes used to smoke narcotics. Based on the picture, the officer allegedly observed a small plastic bag containing a pill and what was believed to be a white powdery substance on the bed. The officer spoke to two employees who described how they observed, and then took pictures of, the items. At that point, the officer notified a Greensburg Police Department detective that he would be pursuing a search warrant for the room. Two police department detectives arrived on the scene to assist in the search. According to court documents, property found in the search included drug paraphernalia (smoking pipes with burnt residue, snorting straws, and additional items); half of an orange pill identified as a schedule III controlled substance; two containers with a dark wax like substance consistent with a drug called DAB, which is a THC extract and tested positive for THC; one plastic baggie with a powdery rock-like substance that field tested positive for bath salts; 1 rock-like substance that field tested for bath salts; paperwork, a prescription, and medical records with the suspect's name; and changes of clothes. At approximately 6:50 pm, the suspect returned to the business, was taken into custody, and transported to the Decatur County Jail.

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