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3/13/2017 - Shelbyville man arrested on theft warrant - Click here to print this information

A Shelbyville man was arrested on a warrant on an allegation of theft, a class A misdemeanor. 48-year Todd Copple was originally charged in Decatur County Superior Court on February 7th. According to court documents, a Greensburg Police Department officer took a report of theft from the manager of AVI Food Systems. The complainant was contacted by a customer service attendant on January 5th. The attendant reported a missing tablet and Mifi box. The complainant viewed video which allegedly showed the suspect taking the items. The suspect met with a Valeo HR representative on January 11th and is said to have admitted taking the items. The suspect was given until 9:00 am on January 12th to return the items and, as of January 25th, had failed to do so. At that point, AVI Foods asked for charges to be filed against the suspect.

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