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3/13/2017 - Auto theft charge filed against Greensburg woman - Click here to print this information

A Greensburg woman was arrested on a warrant for an allegation of auto theft, a level 6 felony. 32-year old Stephanie Quinlan was charged in Decatur County Superior Court on March 7th. According to court documents, a Greensburg Police Department officer responded to a call on March 3rd requesting help in locating a rental vehicle that had not been returned. The suspect rented a vehicle, paying with a credit card, with a return date of February 9th. According to the police report, the suspect allegedly paid for 2 additional days with cash, but did not return the vehicle. The complainant had been unable to make further contact with the suspect, despite numerous phone calls and visits to the suspect's residence. A Decatur County Sheriff's Department officer went to the suspect's residence but was unable to locate the suspect or the vehicle. The complainant contacted dispatch requesting an officer for follow up on the case on March 7th. When the officer arrived, he was told that the suspect had called in and stated that she heard the complainant was looking for her. She allegedly told the complainant that she would return the vehicle by 4:00 pm along with the money she owed. The suspect provided the complainant with a new phone number. The suspect failed to show up, but said she would be there by 7:00 pm and again failed to show. Since the vehicle was 3 weeks past due and the suspect was unwilling to return the vehicle, the complainant requested the vehicle be reported as stolen and for charges to be filed.

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