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3/13/2017 - Senate Bills now in Indiana House - Click here to print this information

State Representative Randy Frye will be calling in with a legislative update this morning at 7:10 on WTRE.

Senate Bill 185

Synopsis: Law enforcement training. Requires the following to complete a refresher course if inactive for a specified time: (1) Reserve police officers. (2) Law enforcement officers who paid their own tuition for law enforcement training. (3) Board certified law enforcement training instructors. Eliminates a provision regarding refresher courses for law enforcement officers in policy making positions. Allows the law enforcement training board to make certain modifications to in-service training without adopting administrative rules.

Senate Bill 130

Transfer of ownership of motor vehicles. Provides that a
person that transfers ownership of a vehicle may deliver to the bureau
of motor vehicles (bureau): (1) the certificate of registration of the
vehicle; and (2) proof of the transfer of ownership of the vehicle.
Requires the bureau, upon receipt of the certificate of registration and
proof of transfer of ownership of the vehicle, to indicate the transfer of
ownership in the records of the bureau.

Senate Bill 366

Driver's licenses for foster children. Allows an individual
who is at least 16 years of age but less than 18 years of age and is under
the care and supervision of the department of child services
(department) to: (1) obtain an identification card, learner's permit, or
operator's license without paying a fee; (2) contract for a policy of
motor vehicle insurance; and (3) complete driving practice with
individuals approved by the department.

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