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3/8/2017 - Possession of Meth and Marijuana charges - Click here to print this information

A Shelbyville man was charged in Decatur County Superior Court on March 7th. Allegations against 29-year old Bryan Wood include possession of methamphetamine, a level 6 felony and possession of marijuana, a class A misdemeanor. According to court documents, Greensburg Police Department officers were dispatched for a vehicle stopped in the middle of the roadway on Freeland Road near State Road 3. An officer approached the vehicle and observed the alleged suspect slumped over in the driver's seat. After the suspect exited the vehicle, an officer allegedly observed what appeared to be green plant material, suspected to be marijuana, inside a clear plastic bag near the center console. While searching the vehicle, the officer also found a white crystal substance inside an unzipped black case between the driver's seat and the center console. According to the police report, the black case is said to have contained 4 empty clear zip lock bags and 1 zip lock bag containing a white crystal substance. A clear plastic container with approximately 137 collectible coins was also found in the vehicle. The suspect was then transported to the Decatur County Jail. The white crystal substance tested positive for methamphetamine.

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