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3/6/2017 - Legislatve update - Click here to print this information

State Representative Randy Frye will be calling into the WTRE studios this morning at 7:10 AM.

Last week -

164 bills passed the house. 100 of them passed unanimously

Any House or Senate bill not passed in the first half of the legislative session is now dead.

HB1003 Student Assessments (Author: Behning; Coauthor: T. Brown) Passed House 67-31.
Replace ISTEP with an Efficient and Effective Alternative
I-LEARN (Indianas Learning Evaluation Assessment Readiness Network) aligns with Indiana standards while also informing instruction and maintaining accountability. ILEARN is similar to ISTEP in that it is an assessment system and not just a single test, but the similarities end there. The ILEARN system of assessment will reduce the overall amount of testing, hasten the grading turnaround time of scores, improve validity and reduce costs. Hoosier students, parents, teachers and schools deserve a better K-12 assessment system. House Bill 1003 provides the necessary guidelines and flexibility to Superintendent McCormick and the State Board of Education to accomplish the ISTEP panels recommendations.

HB1001 The Budget passed 68-29
Includes a pay raise for state police, conservation officers, gaming agents
Increases spending for K-12 by 2.8% over the two year budget.
Includes my bill to exempt retired military personnel from paying state income tax up to $16,000 annually.
Includes my school efficiency grant program.
Protects the local riverboat gaming revenue at its current levels.

HB1019 Banning U-47700 (Synthetic Opioid Drug): (Author: Ellington; Coauthors: Negele, Klinker, Hatfield) Passed House 90-0.
Defines and bans two synthetic drugs not authorized by the FDA for medical use.
o Adds U-47700 (a synthetic opioid) and Etizolam (a benzodiazepine-like drug) to the list of Schedule I substances.
U-47700 also known as pink is eight times more potent than morphine and has been connected to two deaths in Bloomington, IN and 50 deaths nationally.

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