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1/18/2017 - 4 bids opened regarding Greensburg Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades - Click here to print this information

Bids ranged from 4 million 764-thousand to 6 million 100-thousand. The apparent low bidder was Thieneman out of Westfield. Other bidders were Mitchell and Stark, Building Crafts, and Ottenweller. The opening took place at a special meeting of the Greensburg Board of Works last night.

Bids were taken under advisement for review. Tony Akles of Strand and Associates told WTRE news that they would go through the bids and make sure all was in order. It's expected that the Board of Works will taken action at their next regularly scheduled meeting, awarding the bid. The second apparently low bid was about 60-thousand dollars more and the third was up about $170,000 from there. Only the one bid topped the 6 million dollar mark.

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