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7/24/2013 - Wednesday Shawano Area Police Beat - Click here to print this information

9:04AM: Worthless Check
1:47PM: Suspicious incident reported on 7th Street.
2:57PM: Child neglect complaint is under investigation.
3:13PM: Quarantine order was served for a dog bite on 16th Street.
3:18PM: Theft was reported on S. Main Street.
3:54PM: Sexual assault is under investigation.
4:21PM: Ordinance violation was reported on N. Main Street.
5:11PM: Sexual assault is under investigation.
6:46PM: Fraud incident reported on S. Clinton Avenue.
7:34PM:Two drivers licenses found on Brix Street were turned in to the department.
8:35PM: A stray cat was struck by a vehicle on E. Madison Street and was taken to a local veterinarian.
11:21PM: Warning was issued for operating a go kart on E. Madison Street.

Shawano police called to the 500 block of N. Lafayette Street after a child jumped off his bike and it rammed into the rear of a parked vehicle. The owner of the car and the parent of the child exchanged information and repairs will be made.

Shawano County Sheriff with 32 calls in the last 24 hours.

Deputies were called to N. Krueger Road in Caroline early Tuesday morning after a motorist hit a deer and cracked up his Ford Escape.

A couple citations issued at an establishment on S. Warrington Avenue after a bartender reportedly served a woman's underage son. When the woman went to the tavern to get the boy the bartender allegedly threw water in her face. The boy received an underage drinking citation.

Authorities conducted a welfare check in the 1200 block of E. Green Bay Street at the Walmart after a person saw two kids in a white pearl van. The dispatcher's note says, 'little girl has a key and is backing up the vehicle.' That call came in just after 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

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