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6/4/2018 - Poor People's Campaign Demonstrates Again in Annapolis - Click here to print this information


For the fourth consecutive week, poor people, clergy and advocates will return to Annapolis as the Poor Peoples Campaign demonstrates for the right to healthcare and a healthy environment.

In a release, the campaign acknowledges that Maryland has taken steps to offset what it calls the national attack on affordable healthcare. But it says we are still far from a system that provides affordable, adequate healthcare for everyone that needs it.

Demonstrators assembling at Lawyers Mall in the capital this afternoon at 2 also protest against Baltimores poorly heated classroom, the health of the Chesapeake Bay and environmental conditions that, they say, have led to flooding in Ellicott City and elsewhere in Maryland.

The action in Annapolis is one of three dozen nationwide, which reignites the campaign started in 1968 by the Rev. Martin Luther King.

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