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5/31/2018 - Animal Owners Urged to Check Livestock, Pets for Exotic Longhorned Tick - Click here to print this information

(Annapolis, MD) WNAV - An invasive species known as the East Asian tick, the longhorned tick, or the bush tick, has been found in three nearby statesNew Jersey, West Virginia and Virginia.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture urges animal owners to check livestock and pets for this new, exotic species, and to report any unusual ticks or high volumes of tick bites to the departments Animal Health Program office. A large number of longhorned tick infections in animals may cause stunted growth, decreased production or even death. The longhorned tick also has the potential to carry illnesses that may affect both animals and humans. The department recommends routinely checking animals for ticks. Any unusual ticks or high volumes of tick bites on an animal should be reported to the Maryland Department of Agriculture Animal Health Programs office at 410-841-5810.

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