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5/16/2018 - 911 Center in AA County and Verizon Phone Service - Click here to print this information

(Millersville, MD) WNAV -- UPDATE: Anne Arundel County Police say emergency responses were handled in a timely fashion with a call back system at the 911 center. Lieutenant Ryan Frashure tells WNAV that dispatchers re-connected with anyone who was calling for help during the time of disrupted normal 911- service. It happened Tuesday from about 4:15 p.m. until around 9 p.m.

VERIZON is the phone company involved and they are investigating what caused a "busy" signal on the 911 phone line for some citizen callers.

Frashure says they have a back-up protocol that is well known, rehearsed and was put into effect immediately during the incident.

Results from the operations review by VERIZON and Anne Arundel County Police will be coming soon.

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