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5/8/2018 - Free and Confidential: Health Dept Offers Hep C Screening - Click here to print this information

(AA County, MD) WNAV -- Theres a new health department initiative that allows for
free blood testing to see if you may be infected with the Hepatitis C virus.

Hep C can be spread through needle sharing with an infected drug user or through sexual intimacy.

Fran Phillips is the Acting Health Department Officer in Anne Arundel. She tells WNAV this is one more way to serve residents throughout the county and provide a pathway to solid information on addiction, health and recovery.

Ms. Phillips says its important to know your risk factors because HEP C symptoms dont always present, quickly.

An appointment is needed and experts are waiting to answer any questions on risk factors. The number for scheduling a HEP C screening and/or information:

The screenings can be done at public health departments locations around the county, but an appointment is needed.

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