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2/23/2016 - Potential of Unrest in Michigan Communities/Police Use of Force - Click here to print this information

(LANSING, MI.)--A survey of local government leaders around the state believe they have overall good relations with their communities, but those in larger cities are still worried about the potential of unrest connected to police use-of-force.
A University of Michigan survey of local government leaders in the state shows 64 percent of them, whose cities have more than 30,000 residents, are somewhat or very concerned about the potential for civil unrest.
Only 10 percent are not at all concerned.
When all cities are included in the survey, 57 percent of local leaders are not at all concerned.
Police-community relations have been on their minds since August 2014 when a white police officer in Ferguson shot and killed an unarmed black teenager.
The incident was followed by civil unrest. A similar incident occurred in Baltimore last year.

(Aaron Harper,WJNR,WOBE,WHTO)

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