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Bundick Arraigned in Accomack Co. Circuit Court - Click here to print this information

In Accomack Circuit Court Friday morning, Tonya S. Bundick was arraigned on 62 counts of arson from her grand jury indictment on December 2, 2013. Arraignment for count 52 was read separately and formally because it will be the subject of the first of 62 separate trials scheduled to start on July 14. The property in this case is owned by Mr. Richard Hall and located near Keller on Pungoteague road.

Bundick, who is still being held in the Eastern shore regional jail, was offered the choice of a trial by jury or by the judge. She chose the jury trial pleading not guilty to not only count 52 but all 61 other counts. Judge Tyler explained his position on venue change to Virginia Beach stating that so many people in Accomack County were affected by these fires that he felt it would be difficult to seat jurors who had not been affected. Both the Commonwealth attorney Gary Agar and defense attorney Allen Zaleski agreed that there would be a separate hearing on June 10, 2014 to hear any and all pretrial motions. This hearing will be in Accomack County Circuit Court

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