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3/7/2014 - New Church man sent to jail for gang activity - Click here to print this information

By Wesley Edwards

In Accomack County Circuit Court Thursday Ceonta Kellam of New Church was sent to jail for probation violation. Kellam originally pled guilty in 2010 to armed robbery, gang participation, attempted robbery, burglary, and grand larceny and was sentenced to 40 years with all the time suspended under the condition that he complete the youth offender program. Kellam signed a plea agreement that included no gang participation in his future. He completed the youth offender program and some four years later he was arrested when he relocated without notifying the probation department of his new address. Upon his arrest officer Dennis Davie of the Homeland Security Department seized Kellam's cell phone which included pictures that connected him to the Blood gang that he had confessed to being a member of in the original charges. Officer Davie explained to the court that the Chicago Bulls red and white uniform along with a hand sign in the cell phone picture was a symbol of the Blood gang. Mr. Davey continued his expertise as a gang investigator explaining further that the Bulls shirt was really the dress code for the Blood United Live Longer gang and this picture being the home screen of Mr. Kellam's phone sent a clear signal that Kellam was an active member of the gang. Judge Lewis referring to the original plea agreement explained to Kellam that this was a connection to a gang and therefore he had violated his plea agreement and he was going to reinstate the 36 years and seven month remaining sentence suspending all but 12 months. Judge Lewis also denied a motion for work release during these 12 months.

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