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12/30/2013 - Senate election next Tuesday - Click here to print this information

In just over a week, voters in Virginia's 6th Senatorial district will go to the polls to elect a new Senator to replace Ralph Northam who moves up to the Lieutenant Governors office. The winner of this election will determine the political makeup of the Virginia Senate which presently has 20 Democrats and 20 Republicans.

Delegate Lynwood Lewis, a Democrat, will take on the Republican nominee Wayne Coleman a Norfolk businessman. The winner will allow his political party to take control of the Senate.

A win by Lewis will trigger a whole new series of elections to fill his seat in the House of Delegates. It would require primaries for both parties followed by a special election. The time that would take would keep 100 District House of Delegates seat vacated for the 2014 Virginia General Assembly.

Lewis could become the first shore resident to hold the Senate seat since the late Senator Bill Fears served. While Northam is an Eastern Shore native, he is currently lives and works in Norfolk.

Coleman is hoping to attract enough votes from conservatives on both sides of the bay to move the 6th District seat into the Republican column.

Meanwhile as Lt. Governor, Northam will become the first native Eastern Shoreman to hold one of the top State offices for over 150 years.

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